Importance of Facebook Ad Frequency

Running Facebook ads as part of your digital marketing strategy? (You probably should.) One of the most important metrics within Facebook ads manager is ad frequency.

The Facebook ad frequency metric shows you the number of times your ad has been seen by a unique user. An ad frequency of four means that each user who has seen your ad has seen it an average of four times.

Ad frequency is important. Your audience needs to see your ad more than once to be able to recall it and act on it.

But there can be too much of a good thing. An ad frequency that is too high can indicate that you are spending too much reaching the same people over and over.

Studies indicate that the ideal ad frequency is up to four views. Generally, a person needs to see an ad more than once before taking action.

Frequency higher than four can indicate wasted effort. People who see ads more than four times and don’t take action are not the right audience for the ad.

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