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Focus on Building Customer Relationships

When developing your marketing strategy, focus on building relationships. “One and done” is wasted effort. Developing connection that allows for ongoing relationship creates greater dividends for your marketing investment.

Establish Customer Relationships

Focus on things that will keep your customer engaged after a sale. Keep customers happy and engaged at all times.

Offering a subscription model or a service that customers will need to come back to more than once is a strategic way to ensure customers are engaged beyond the first purchase.

Provide an incentive for customers to come back. Make sure the experience they encounter is worthwhile.

Provide Value

Collect data from customer interactions and use it to create meaningful engagement. Provide personalized experiences that your customer will value.

Make each experience as personal and relevant as possible. Understand the channel(s) customers prefer, what they most need from you, what time of day they are most likely to interact, how they think about issues, etc.

Define an Ongoing Journey

Create a customer journey that extends well beyond a sale. Create meaningful, continual touch points.

  • Answer questions
  • Follow up to the sale
  • Provide related information
  • Ask for feedback

These are just a few things you can build into any transaction well beyond the purchase. Be creative!

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