WhatsApp? You Need to Know

Do you know what WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, QQ and Skype have in common? They are the top messaging apps and are benefiting from a trend of moving away from social media. With collectively more than 5 billion active users, messaging apps eclipse traditional social media users worldwide.

This continues a trend among younger users that was evident back in 2014. I documented some of the data in the post, For Teens, It’s All About the Apps.

Today, across the board, users spend more time on messaging than on social media. A Facebook study of 8,000 people in 2018 found messaging is the single most preferred channel for customer service. This seems to be part of the overall trend toward personalized communication with brands.

Messaging apps lend themselves nicely to the types of person-to-person communication that people crave. Ways to meet this need for your target audience are:

  • Add messaging to your Google My Business listing
  • Use Facebook Messenger as part of your outreach on the platform.
  • Add chat or a similar tool to your website that allows real time connections.

Be sure to have a plan for meeting expectations on any channel you enable. People who send messages will expect a timely, personalized response. Brands that are able to deliver will positively advance their online presence.

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