Get the Google My Business App

Google My Business is designed to help local businesses connect with local customers. Any business with a local service area – brick and mortar or virtual – should be investing time in optimizing a Google My Business presence.

To help, there is a Google My Business app. It has tools to help businesses add to their Google profiles. You can manage what searchers see and make sure your business is properly showcased across Google’s suite of apps.

One tool is the post tool. The Post button in the app allows you to upload a photo, create an offer or event and add it to your Google My Business Profile. Posts help you to get views and have a timely call to action as part of your listing.

The app Profile tab allows you to edit the business details that appear in Google Search and Google Maps.

A Customers tab lists all the people who’ve sought to connect with your business via Google tools. You can respond to customer reviews and post offers.

There is also valuable data. Presented in a similar style to Google Analytics, the data on the front page shows you exactly how your listing is performing on Google.

Throw Out Your Influencer Strategy

New research shows that people continue to crave authenticity online. And, they want it from other people, not brands and not influencers.

Brands need to shift their time from creating their own content or getting influencers on board. Time is best spent getting your customers to talk about you.

Slackla surveyed 1590 consumers and 150 B2C marketers from the US, UK and Australia. Here’s what they found:

  • 90% of consumers say authenticity is most important
  • 51% of consumers say that less than half of the content brands create is authentic
  • 79% say that user-generated content highly impacts their decisions (13% said brand content has an impact and just 3% said influencer content matters)
  • 56% want user-generated photos and videos above all other types of content

The research showed that experiences with travel, dining and new car purchases are all highly likely to be shared on social media. Such posts are highly influential on the decisions of the people that see them.

A Health Checkup for Your Website

Guest Post by Natalie Rose, NOVA Web Group

Your website is the most important asset of your brand online. Is it healthy? When was the last time your web presence got a good look-over?

Many behind-the-scenes factors could put your website at risk of not performing well. In just the last few months, WordPress has had a major version upgrade. This means many themes and plugins need to be updated too. And, most web software needs to run on PHP 7.2 at a minimum.

There are also content issues. It may seem like nothing ever changes, but I commonly find issues with sites that are 6 months or older:

  • Incorrect business contact details
  • Team members need to be added or removed
  • Products and services need to be updated
  • Broken links

Add to these issues the need to keep up with the latest strategies for mobile devices and search engine optimization. There is so much to pay attention to!

We can help!

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