Local Marketing for Your Local Business

Your local business needs a local marketing plan. Localizing your marketing efforts will build brand recognition within your community and foster brand loyalty from consumers who support local businesses.

Why you need a local marketing strategy

What’s the first thing you do when you need your car repaired, want to find some local entertainment or want to plan a date night? If you’re like most people, you turn to Google. “Near me” searches have grown consistently since 2013, according to Google.

A local marketing strategy can help increase your visibility in these local searches. Whether users start with a search query, use Google maps, or go directly to their preferred third-party review site, your company will be listed among the options.

How to use digital channels to support local marketing

Here are a few tactics you should consider integrating into your local marketing strategy:

Claim your business page on third-party review sites

Google Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are just a few of many sites that people turn to to find local resources. Claim your business page on these sites to make sure the information is accurate and that you can respond or react to comments, questions and reviews.

Create targeted advertising campaigns

Digital ads offer you an excellent opportunity to target your audience using various parameters, including location. You can leverage posts within Google maps, ads on social media, and ads within review and other sites.

Have a SEO strategy

When creating content for your website, it’s important to factor in SEO strategy. Use keywords with your geographic location. Understand what your customers search to find a business like yours and use those words and phrases.

Tools to Up Your Insta Game

Instagram is a visual platform. If you are like me, words are easier to create than images. Well, here are a few tools that can help.

Start by exploring the functionality within Instagram. Then layer in extra apps.

  • Photo editing: Edit and resize your photography.
  • Layout and design: Create collages, creative layouts, and graphics.
  • Video tools: Capture, design, and edit videos.

Photo Editing


VSCO is one of the original and most popular mobile photo-editing apps. The free version comes with 10 presets that make your phone-shot photos look like they were captured on film, along with photo-editing tools like contrast and grain.


Works on both JPG and RAW files, making it a powerful tool for professional photographers. Beyond filtering your photos, you can perform serious photo-editing tasks like removing elements (or even people) from the photo, adjusting the geometry of buildings, and using curves to control the brightness of your image.

A Color Story

Offers filters and presets designed by professional photographers. There are also some advanced editing tools, and you can create and save custom filters to develop a unique brand look. Grid planning tools help you ensure your entire Instagram grid is unified and cohesive.

Layout and Design

Layout from Instagram

Layout is a feature-rich, super-simple photo mixer that instantly “lays out” up to nine photos in various combinations to form a collage. You can pick photos from your camera roll or shoot as you go with the built-in photo booth. Then it’s a matter of adjusting the dimensions of each box, adding filters, and uploading.

Adobe Spark Post

Combine your photos with Adobe’s layouts and fonts to create creative graphics perfect for sharing on Instagram. You can also select from thousands of free images directly within the app.

A Design Kit

From the makers of A Color Story, this design Instagram app is packed with fonts to customize your posts. It’s also got loads of unique stickers and has a ton of brushes, from markers to pencils, so you can get on trend by drawing on your Instagram photos.

Video tools

Boomerang from Instagram

A simple video capture app. Open the app, press the button, and you’re done. Boomerang takes a burst of 10 photos and uses them to create a mini video that loops forward and back, like a GIF.


LifeLapse uses ghosted image overlay tools so you can line up a series of photos to create a perfect sense of motion. Once you’ve added and adjusted your photos, the app stitches them into a video, with the option to add royalty-free music.


A comprehensive app for video editing. You can trim, cut, split, merge, and crop video clips; adjust settings like brightness and saturation; add music; adjust video speed; flip and rotate; and add text and stickers. If you regularly edit videos on your phone, this is a great option with plenty of features.

Write Tweets That Win

Here are guidelines to follow to write the most effective tweets. Here’s how to make the most of each tweet you write.

Aim for 70- 120 words. Twitter has a 280-character limit, but research shows that longer tweets don’t get the most engagement.

Be relevant. Twitter is the channel for news, so make sure your tweet reflects a sense of immediacy and relevance. Every tweet should speak to your audience and link them to a place where they can get more detail if wanted.

Use hashtags. Tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of tweets without them. Aim for about 2 hashtags per post. Use the most relevant hashtags to connect your content with your niche and your audience. There are no rewards for volume!

Don’t be minimalist – tweet with enough volume to be seen. Twitter streams are firehoses of information. If you have something to say, you need to say it more than once to be sure it is seen. Tweet multiple times a day, and tweet on multiple days. Twitter can be a great way to test different ways to present your message. Seeing what catches attention can give you insight into your content on other channels. Do more of what works!