Make sure your marketing content looks great on mobile devices

Pinterest for Small Business

Small businesses looking for new opportunities to broaden business presence and market to a wider pool of potential customers should consider Pinterest. The platform has 290+ million users, largely women aged 18-50. Pinterest pitches itself as a “catalog of ideas”, as opposed to a social network, and is worthy of consideration if your goal is […]

Social Media by the Numbers

A lot of anecdotal information gets passed around about social media. That can be helpful in eyeing trends, but it is best to check with an authoritative data source to know the real numbers. For me, that is Pew. Here’s their latest snapshot. Today around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, […]

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Hey You! I’m Talking to You

Email marketing is a valuable marketing tool, with open and engagement rates that outstrip all social media channels. (Yes, even Facebook!) To get results, you have to format and compose emails that draw readers in. Write Subjects that Grab Attention It all starts with a great subject line and teaser text. That will be visible […]