Make sure your marketing content looks great on mobile devices

Pinterest for Small Business

Make sure your marketing content looks great on mobile devicesSmall businesses looking for new opportunities to broaden business presence and market to a wider pool of potential customers should consider Pinterest. The platform has 290+ million users, largely women aged 18-50.

Pinterest pitches itself as a “catalog of ideas”, as opposed to a social network, and is worthy of consideration if your goal is to sell products. Up to 90% of weekly pinners use the platform to make purchase decisions​ and 78% of pinners saying that they welcome content from brands.

Steps to Engage on Pinterest

  • Create a business profile. Use your logo and your keyword-based master message.
  • Post regularly to keep follower interest in your brand. Include links to helpful information.
  • As with Instagram, using a consistent visual aesthetic in your posts will create a more appealing Pinterest page.
  • Create boards that reflect your core offerings (and keywords!) to organize your pins.

Make Your Website Pinterest-Friendly

Most Pinterest users save and visit pins on mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly so these users get a great experience. Also, add Pinterest save and follow tools to your website to make it easy for pinners to engage with you.


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