Structure your website for SEO and usability

How to Structure Your Website for SEO

Site structure is an essential aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). The structure of your website shows Google and other search engines what articles and pages are most important. It also signals what your business is about and therefore which searches you should rank for. Site structure also helps your users navigate your site. Especially […]

Be consistent online

Importance of Being Consistent Online

A fundamental element of online marketing is consistency. You need to be painstakingly completely consistent so that there is only one you online – one brand, one identity, one message. Inconsistency creates confusion. When people see information that is similar but not the same, it creates a question in their mind. Is that the same […]

3 Essential Ways to Establish Yourself as an Expert

Every business is an expert at something. Sharing that expertise online is a crucial component of marketing success. Your expertise matched to customer needs is the groundwork for business development. There are three great ways to establish your expertise online: social media, LinkedIn and forums. In this post I look at each. Social Media All […]