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Best Practices for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social media channel worth considering for your marketing. The latest data from Pew finds that 40% of adults use Instagram. Use is highest among people in their 20s and 30s. Here are best practices to make your marketing effective on the platform. Start by creating an Instagram business account. A business account […]

recharge your batteries

Recharge! Keep Your Creativity High

Guest Post by Kristin Rock of Inkwell Creative When I worked for a marketing agency, we had department happy hours pretty regularly. I remember the jokes. The late nights. The energy. We would also go on creative retreats where we would talk about our process and our inspiration. But then I quit the agency and […]

Share you subject matter expertise

Are You a SME?

We are all subject matter experts (SMEs) for something. Few of us really leverage that expertise to its best potential in our online marketing. Highlighting your expertise can benefit any business. It shows that you have a high level of knowledge about your field. Further, algorithms used by search engines and social media platforms, look […]