How to bring hope to your audience

How to Bring Hope to Your Audience in a World Full of Injustice

Guest Post by Jaclyn Blackford, Director of Communications & Marketing, Freedom 4/24 I work for Freedom 4/24, an anti-human trafficking non-profit. My job as the Director of Communications & Marketing is to make the world aware of this injustice. Human trafficking is dark, it’s sad, it’s enraging, and it’s not a light topic. I never […]

know your marketing niche

Know Your Business and Marketing Niche

It’s not uncommon for business owners to be asked about their niche. This may seem like people are asking you to put yourself in a box when you can do so many things. However, this is actually a very helpful question that increases your marketing impact. What’s a Niche? A niche is part of a […]

Follow online content best practices

Win with these Best Practices for Online Content

It’s easy to post content online, but not everything you publish will get attention. To get attention online takes planning. These best practices for online content will help your content rise above the clutter. Create an Awesome Title/Headline The headline (or subject line in the case of email) is the first thing users read. If […]