website best practices

5 Ways to Market Your Website

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. It is the online property that you own and control. It is the place where you get to define who you are and what you do. Here are six ways to market your site. All of your online efforts should drive people to your website. There […]

Paying attention to customer service

The Stories We Tell Ourselves About our Business

Guest Post by Brad Eisenberg, operations consultant and business strategist, BE Lean Lead magnet. Depending who you are, you might have had some involuntary emotional response when you read those words. Some of us probably think they’re an oh so important first step in a customer’s buying journey. Others of us might think they’re just […]

find your success

Find Your Success on Social Media

Not getting the results you want from your social media outreach? There are some questions you should ask yourself to find your success on social media. These will get you to the right content and messaging. Before I launch into the seven questions, the most important thing to keep in mind is patience. Social media […]