Should You Start a Podcast?

Should You Start a Podcast?

Podcasts are HOT! Should you start a podcast for your brand? I used to think that they were a platform enjoyed by people on long commutes. Not so. The last two years has seen a dramatic increase in listeners from a broad demographic. Podcasts in 2022 A 2021 Statista survey found that 56 percent of […]

website best practices

What to Know When DIYing Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a free and powerful tool to use to build a website. In fact more than 455 million websites use WordPress. Here are some things to know if you are DIYing your WordPress site. WordPress Is Free, But There Are Costs to Having a Website WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows […]

LinkedIn profiles for small business leaders

How to Use LinkedIn Profiles to Market Your Small Business

LinkedIn is having a moment as a result of the pandemic. While it has been more than a job seeking and hiring platform for some time, many more people realize the platform is a great place to make business connections and create brand awareness. A brand’s “home” on LinkedIn is the company page. A company […]