website optimization

Your Website Can Be Improved

Your website can be improved. Even if you last updated it just a few hours ago, it likely needs optimization. Website optimization is about making continual improvements to increase quality traffic and target your goals. Website optimization involves more than your page content. It means keeping up with: Your brand marketing strategy Search engine optimization […]

elements for content marketing

4 Essential Elements for Content Marketing

Successful content marketing is more than the words and images ultimately published somewhere. The best efforts are supported by systems, processes, and resources. Here are 4 essential elements you need to succeed. Content Marketing Editorial Plan Why do you create content? What are your goals? Define an editorial strategy that outlines what you want to […]

Play to Engage Remote Teams

Play Is a Great Way to Engage Remote Teams. I’m Serious!

Guest post by Alexandra Suchman, Cofounder and CEO of Barometer XP We’ve reached the point where it’s almost a cliche to talk about how hard it is to make meaningful connections with colleagues through Zoom boxes and Slack channels. “Ugh, I’m so sick of Zoom” has become the new “I can’t believe this weather” as […]