social listening strategy

Are You Listening?

Judge Judy is fond of reminding people in her courtroom that we have two ears and one mouth, meaning we should listen twice as long as we speak. Truth, even for brands. Every brand needs to have a social listening strategy. Social listening happens when you monitor and analyze conversations across social media to better […]

Rebranding Tips for Small Businesses

Rebranding Tips for Small Businesses

Guest Post by Jenny Le, Owner of WebSubstance digital marketing agency Branding, whether for a company or an individual business owner, is one of the most difficult tasks in marketing. I discovered this over the past year as I underwent a rebranding for my own company. I want to share my journey to inspire you […]

Turn fear into bliss when you speak

Guest post by Rosemary Ravinal Blowing bubbles isn’t just for children. You may think it’s silly. Yet the deep breathing required to blow bubbles will help you relax and de-stress, all-important for nervous speakers. When I work from home, I sometimes take calming breaks and blow bubbles as I sit by the lake behind my […]