know your target audience

Who Is Your Target Audience?

The most common answer when I ask a new client to define their target audience is “everyone.” That’s the wrong answer. Targeting everyone in your marketing means that you are wasting time and money reaching people who will never buy from you. Taking time to really define your target audience makes sense. The more you […]

Follow up email improves your ROI

Follow Up Email Improves Your ROI

Guest Post By: Erin Alli You know follow up emails are important to your business. You’ve heard the statistics. Do you have them in place though?  Many people put this off because they think: What should I write? How often should I follow up? What should I expect in return? Will I be bothering people […]

podcasts for brands and small businesses

Podcasts Are Having a Moment

When the pandemic hit, I worried about the viability of podcasts. I thought they were primarily the choice of commuters looking for entertainment.  I was wrong. Podcasts survived and thrived, and are now among the fastest-growing content platforms. Podcasts presented by businesses as well as individual subject matter experts offer an opportunity to connect with […]