is google ignoring you?

Is Google Ignoring You?

Fact: there are 99,000 Google searches every single second. If you aren’t showing up on Google, you are missing a lot of opportunities to be found. You cannot afford to be ignored. The problem can be more serious than amping up your website and online presence. Google can be actively NOT including you for any […]

podcasts for brands and small businesses

Why Small Businesses Should Start a Podcast

Guest Post This guest post is an excerpt of chapter one from the forthcoming book Podcasting for Small Business by Ray Sidney-Smith and Steve Orr. To podcast, or not to podcast? With apologies to Shakespeare, many small businesses are asking themselves that question in today’s digital world. Some wonder if it’s worth the time, effort […]

create quality content

4 Tips to Create Quality Content

Digital marketing requires that you produce a stream of content. It’s easy to get focused on cranking it out and lose sight of the real goal: meaningful content that will connect you with your target audience. Here are four tips to help you create quality content. Work from a Plan Every piece of content you […]