Out with old marketing practies

3 Marketing Practices to Ditch

Here are three marketing practices that are no longer effective. Let them go! While you may be leaving something you are comfortable with, this makes room for new ideas.

Campaign Mindset

The concept of a campaign has the concept of a start and finish baked in. Real companies and real initiatives don’t work like that. The people you engage with expect a long term relationship. Marketing that is connected to long-term goals and that evolves to align with changing needs is far more effective.

Siloed Marketing

If your efforts on Facebook, including messaging and imagery, is handled as a secluded marketing effort, stop. Everything you do, online and offline, needs to be part of a whole. You can’t be a different company at one location than another. Every part of your marketing – website, email, social platforms – need to be part of one coordinated marketing strategy.

Relying on Thought Leadership of Others

There was a time that people genuinely appreciated people who “curated” content on a particular topic or area of interest. You could cultivate a strong following by aggregating information written by many people and published by a variety of sources. This is another marketing practice to let go. Your people want to know what YOU think and what YOU have to say. They have the skills to find the rest of it without you. Layer on top of this that just about every platform reduces visibility of posts with links external to that platform. They want to keep their users on their platform, and will penalize you for efforts to take them elsewhere.

Assess for Marketing Ideas to Ditch, and Others to Add

As we head into the final quarter of 2021, it is a good time to assess your marketing strategy. Look at the data. Consider the impact of each thing that you do.

Now is a great time to amp up efforts on what works and drop the things that aren’t pulling their weight. That will set you up for greater achievement in 2022.