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4 Big Questions to Save Time and Money

You want your marketing to achieve your goals, save you time and save you money. That makes sense, and it’s really not a big ask. You can achieve all that and more with the right digital marketing strategy.

Developing a marketing strategy does not add time to your marketing. Quite the opposite. Having a written plan streamlines your efforts and makes it easy for you to assess and pivot as needed. A marketing strategy saves you time and money!

How do you get the right plan in place? It starts by answering four questions.

4 questions for your digital marketing strategy

What is my goal?

Your plan centers around achieving your goal. Do you want to increase sales? Get more repeat business? Build a larger community? Every business is different, and every business has a different marketing goal. Take time to define your goal.

What does my best customer care about?

Who is your best customer? Consider everything you know about the people who make up this group. What do they value most about your business? What are their needs?

The better you understand your best customer, the more you can target your marketing to get their attention and business.

What are my resources?

Set yourself up for success by being real with yourself when you create your strategy. How much time do you have to devote to marketing? How much money? Don’t plan to do 40 hours of marketing a month if you only have 1. That won’t work.

Gauge your marketing strategy to optimize on the resources you can actually devote to it. You can get more out of planning for 1 hour, than constantly being behind with a plan that requires much more time.

How will I measure progress?

Strategy builds in measurement. Those measures tell you what’s working and what needs to change. You save time and money by having a clear focus on what matters. Strategy helps you to stop investing in tactics that aren’t working. It helps you quickly evaluate new opportunities. (Does this new idea help me reach my goal and fit with my resources?)

Write it down

Take time to write down your digital marketing plan. It will pay dividends as you focus your marketing on your goals and your customer.