every business needs a content strategy

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Content Strategy

Content strategy isn’t just for the big players. Every business needs a plan to get out the right messages to the right people in the places they expect.

No matter what you are communicating or marketing about online, content is a critical component to success. You need great content to connect with your target audience.

Here are 5 reasons why small businesses should invest time into an effective content strategy:

  1. Content marketing is customer-centric. It’s about you rather than me. It is how you attract the people you want and how you build an ongoing relationship with them.
  2. Today, everyone can publish content online. Your audience knows this and is waiting to hear directly from you.
  3. Content introduces you and works for you. People connect with businesses and services online. It’s where they often find you. Many will engage with you on an ongoing basis online.
  4. People want to know you. Today’s consumer wants to know about your business, no matter what the size. In fact, many are looking to learn about local, small businesses.
  5. Content is how you stay relevant in real-time. People don’t expect to wait until your next regularly scheduled publication. They want to know what’s happening, when it is happening. This also means you build an audience that is always listening.

Online content is part of the way people interface with the world. You need a plan to be found and to connect.