5 SEO Boosters to Do Daily

Here are five easy-to-do items to keep your website search engine optimization (SEO) on track.

  1. Keep content fresh
    Regularly add new content (blog!) and keep existing content up to date. Develop a schedule to help you to publish new content regularly as well as check existing pages.
  2. Add links
    There are two types of links. Internal links interconnect content at your website. External links point to sites other than your own and/or point from those sites to yours. Search engines love links, as they tell them what content is related to other content. Take time to create both types of links everyplace that makes sense.
  3. Remove old content
    Remove any pages and images that are no longer relevant. This guarantees that any outdated materials cannot be found by search crawlers or site visitors.
  4. Keep software updated
    Outdated content can harm SEO and leave you vulnerable to hacks and other security risks. Always keep your software updated to the latest versions.
  5. Check your analytics
    Take a look at your most popular pages. Make sure they reflect your latest content and keywords. These are also great pages to add links. Likewise, look for pages that have low time on page and/or high exit rates. If you think that the page warrants more time from users and/or should lead them to other places at the site, make sure the content is compelling and that the path to more related content is clear.