know your keywords

Ban These Words from Your Messaging

Words matter. Avoid lazy words and phrases to make sure the messages you write have the best impact.

Avoid Words that Reduce Impact

Since words are permanent, many people add qualifiers to their messages that take away from the impact of what they write. Ban these words to make sure your writing has impact:

  • Think
  • Just
  • Guess
  • Very
  • Try

Next time you draft a message to post online or send an email, scan for these words. Look for opportunities to remove or replace them. You will likely find that your message becomes more focused and clear without them.

Stay Away from Meaningless Phrases

We often clutter our writing with meaningless phrases that don’t add any meaning. Strip these from your messaging too.

Some examples:

  • The bottom line is…
  • At the end of the day…
  • To make a long story short…
  • What I mean to say is…
  • With all due respect…
  • At this time…