Certainly no one in the business of communication, public relations, marketing and related fields hasn’t felt the impact of the internet, e-mail, and related technologies on their efforts. Some are out in front on capitalizing on the inherent opportunities and others are still hoping to avoid the chaos altogether.

I think most professionals are somewhere in between, trying to learn about the opportunities presented by all these new technologies while working hard every day to do the best job for those who we serve.

It was no surprise to me when I read the article “Small shops, big business” in the the January 2008 PRSA publication Tactics and saw that one of the first challenges for independent PR practitioners in 2008 identified by Jon Pushkin, APR, was Web 2.0 and new media strategies: “How do we, as independent practitioners, take advantage of those to offer the best services to our clients?”

That is where I would place myself. I am always trying to digest the new opportunities and translate them into concrete ideas that will have a measurable difference in the work that I do. That effort led me to be among a small group that started the Fairfax County Public Schools web site in 1996 and later to implement the district’s Keep in Touch opt-in e-mail system. In 2006 the journey took me to Arlington Public Schools where I helped the district to employ the SchoolWires content management system to advance its web presence.

I accelerated my journey by taking a role as project manager for Balance Technology Group in Springfield VA. Balance is woman-owned company that works with a variety of clients to leverage the power of the Internet and related technologies to reach their goals. No two projects are ever the same as we always look at the latest tools to define the best solutions for our clients.

So, that’s where I am at right now in this web saturated world. I’ve decided to share my learning journey in this blog in hopes that others might benefit from the information and ideas I collect along the way.

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