Add Some Zip to Your Content Marketing

Most companies do some form of content marketing. Once you get rolling, it is easy to get in a groove, whether or not that groove is getting the best results. Here are some ideas to inject into your content marketing to make sure you are getting your best impact.

Write Down Your Content Marketing Strategy

You may think you have a pretty solid strategy, but if it isn’t written down it probably is lacking. There are a lot of priorities in your head. Content strategy can’t get all your focus. And, this approach guarantees no one who’s not in your head (i.e. everyone but you) can help.

Write down and review your content goals, objectives and tactics. Don’t forget to determine how you will measure success. Likely, this process will help you identify gaps as well as things that aren’t getting done or being effective. This process alone will help you up your game.

Watch What’s Happening

Be sure to monitor what’s happening online. New trends emerge all the time. Capitalize on the ones that make sense for your business and your goals.

Your competitors, key influencers in your market, and other subject matter experts can all be sources of inspiration. When you take ideas and make them your own, you aren’t copying but capitalizing.

Pay Attention to Metrics and Feedback

Your content strategy started with your best ideas, but some will be winners and some will be losers. Pay attention to the metrics to see what’s having an impact and what is falling flat. I have learned to let go of good ideas that just don’t gain traction.

Some platforms continually feed you metrics. Others require a little more proactive digging. Either way, take time to look and glean the insight you can get.

Also pay attention to qualitative results like comments and other engagement. What seems to get the attention you want? Do more of that!