Protect your brand on social media

Protect Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is an important way to connect with your audience. Although you can’t – and shouldn’t – be active on every social site you do need to take steps to protect your brand on social media channels. Make social media registration a priority, even if you don’t plan on being active. Proactively register your […]

seo matters - seo mistakes

SEO Matters!

Every piece of content you create should be developed with SEO – search engine optimization – in mind. SEO matters if you want your website and its content to be found by people online. Why else would you have a website! SEO is less of a moving target than in years past, so now is […]

customer service

How to Explain a Policy to a Customer

Guest Post By Leslie O’Flahavan Your customer should’ve read your company’s policy before purchasing your product. They kinda lied when they clicked the “I accept” box without reading a word of the fine print. Now they’re requesting a return, refund, or exception that your policy doesn’t allow. They’re sending you angry emails because the policy […]