AI in our lives and work

Will You Embrace AI?

Artificial intelligence – AI – is everywhere. Companies and people who want to be on the leading edge of “what’s next” can’t seem to write enough about it. Just about every tool I use as a marketer seems to have added an AI tool of some sort. Clearly, we are interested in AI and what […]

PR Students Need Your Help

Guest post by Christie Phillips, Professor, Marymount University Jill asked me to write a guest blog, so I am going to take full advantage of the soap box and ask you to help PR students. We all know that COVID-19 turned the work environment upside down.  Some of us have returned to the office, others […]

Email unsubscribes

The Up-Side of Email Unsubscribes

If you are like most marketers, you watch your unsubscribe rate with every email you send. You live in fear that lots of people will leave your list. In these days of distilling everything into a metric, no one wants list size to decline. Email unsubscribes are bad, right? It’s time to think more broadly. […]