Elements of a great online newsroom

Elements of a Great Online Newsroom

Social media has given reporters more resources for stories, but it is still essential for every brand to have an online information resource. Your online newsroom is the place where a reporter can get credible, authorized information about you and your subject matter experts. It’s where fact checkers will go when they want to verify […]

Users of major social media networks continue to grow

Active Users on Major Social Networks

The number of people with accounts on major social networks continues to grow. While some networks are gaining users and the growth of others has plateaued, more and more people in the U.S. are participating on social media. Below is a chart of active users on the largest social networks from Pew Research Center. You […]

ask questions about them

It’s All About Them

Guest Post by Shira Lotzar, Purposeful Hire You jump on a Zoom call with a prospective client, and after a few pleasantries, the prospect says something like: “So, tell me about your firm.” If your instinct is like most people’s, you launch into answering their question. After all, that’s what you were taught in kindergarten, […]