Email unsubscribes

The Up-Side of Email Unsubscribes

If you are like most marketers, you watch your unsubscribe rate with every email you send. You live in fear that lots of people will leave your list. In these days of distilling everything into a metric, no one wants list size to decline. Email unsubscribes are bad, right? It’s time to think more broadly. […]

Ask Users to Learn if Your Website Works

Ask Users to Learn if Your Website Works

You want your website to offer a good user experience. Does it? You need to get feedback and data from actual users to get the answer.

search engine optimization for brands

Quick SEO Checklist for Brands

There’s more to SEO – search engine optimization – than just dropping keywords into your text. Here is a quick SEO checklist for brands. Google and other search engines are constantly seeking ways to deliver the search results users want. The result is ever-changing guidelines for SEO. Here’s a refresher that you can use to […]