Why do people read blog posts?

Why Do People Read Blog Posts, Marketing Emails, and Social Media Posts?

Guest Post by Monika Jansen, Jansen Communications A few weeks ago, I was out hiking with my dog Marley when I had the idea for this blog post. I figured there was data out there about why people read blog posts, marketing emails, and social media posts from brands. Please enjoy the fruits of my […]

Increase reach online

5 Ways to Increase Organic Reach Online

Organic reach online refers to how well your posts perform on social media without any ad spending. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (or whatever it is called now) all continue to reduce organic reach. That means we need to change our social media strategies. Facebook has been reducing organic reach for pages and brands for some […]

Stand out online

Stand Out Online

We are in a time of independent and solo practitioners. Once an anomaly, many businesses today are composed of one person with expertise or services to offer. How do independent and solo practices stand out online? To start, embrace the reality that your first impression will not be made in person. For most businesses, the […]