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Write to be found online

Write to Be Found Online

Writing a blog post or other online content is only worthwhile if it helps your effort to be found online. Every blog post should advance your search engine optimization (SEO) goals. It is actually pretty easy to write a post that your audience finds interesting AND helps your SEO. Define the Message What do you […]

Why do people read blog posts?

Why Do People Read Blog Posts, Marketing Emails, and Social Media Posts?

Guest Post by Monika Jansen, Jansen Communications A few weeks ago, I was out hiking with my dog Marley when I had the idea for this blog post. I figured there was data out there about why people read blog posts, marketing emails, and social media posts from brands. Please enjoy the fruits of my […]

Social Media Quick Tips

Social Media Marketing Quick Tips

How do you feel about your social media marketing? Are you feeling on top of it all or way behind? To calm the overwhelm, here’s a list of social media quick tips. Cover these basics and you are in a good position to accomplish your marketing goals on social. Be on the “Right” Social Channels […]