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Tips for getting the most out of e-mail based communication efforts.

Email unsubscribes

The Up-Side of Email Unsubscribes

If you are like most marketers, you watch your unsubscribe rate with every email you send. You live in fear that lots of people will leave your list. In these days of distilling everything into a metric, no one wants list size to decline. Email unsubscribes are bad, right? It’s time to think more broadly. […]

Why do people read blog posts?

Why Do People Read Blog Posts, Marketing Emails, and Social Media Posts?

Guest Post by Monika Jansen, Jansen Communications A few weeks ago, I was out hiking with my dog Marley when I had the idea for this blog post. I figured there was data out there about why people read blog posts, marketing emails, and social media posts from brands. Please enjoy the fruits of my […]

email marketing

5 Ways to Boost Email Marketing ROI

Email is still one of the most effective tools available for your digital marketing toolkit. Here are five ideas to improve your email marketing effort. Make Every Message Count Provide value or don’t send an email! In boxes are crowded. To earn an open, you need to provide something that’s valuable, tangible, and resonates with […]