Email Is the Largest Channel for Marketing and Communication

More than 3.7 billion people use email. That makes email an even larger audience for marketing and communication efforts than Facebook, the king of all social channels. What’s more, the widespread adoption of smartphones means that email users are checking their messages more often than ever before. It’s a large, highly engaged audience. How People… Read More

People Are Connecting with You Most on Mobile

Today I am sharing some key findings of the Adestra 2017 Consumer Digital Usage and Behavior Study. The study lays out major trends in consumer usage and behavior of different technologies and devices in digital (web and email), mobile, and social media. The insights and statistics gives you insights for the general population. To get the most of… Read More

The Secret to Getting Your Emails Opened

It’s all about the headline. The headline will make or break your email campaign. There is nothing more important. Bottom line: write subject lines that get opened. Understand what captures attention and motivates someone to read more. Be conversational Write conversationally, as though you were speaking to a friend instead of writing business correspondence.  Write your… Read More