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Tips for getting the most out of e-mail based communication efforts.

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How to Make Email Marketing Work for You

The trend is unmistakable. My clients who use email as part of their digital marketing strategy have more success connecting with their target audience. Every business needs to have an active email marketing strategy. Here are the essentials. Use an Email Marketing Tool Don’t try to do your email marketing campaigns from a regular email […]

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Email Marketing: Winning in the Inbox

Did you know that the average person gets more than 120 emails each day? That creates a lot of clutter in the inbox. How do you get your email marketing message to be one that is opened and read? Structure Your Email Message Well Paying attention to the details will help your messages win attention. […]

email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Works for Small Businesses

There are over 4 billion email users worldwide. That makes email an even larger audience for marketing and communication efforts than the largest social channels. Email marketing is valuable for any small business. Data from Statista shows that email is the most common online activity in the US. Hubspot reports that email generates $42 for […]