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The impact of generational differences on communication.

PR Students Need Your Help

Guest post by Christie Phillips, Professor, Marymount University Jill asked me to write a guest blog, so I am going to take full advantage of the soap box and ask you to help PR students. We all know that COVID-19 turned the work environment upside down.  Some of us have returned to the office, others […]

Things to Know About Gen Z

The newest crop of consumers are Gen Z. Just when you adjusted to Millennials, it is time to rethink some things for this new generation. While you don’t have to change your whole digital strategy just yet, you’ll definitely want to experiment with new ways to up your game and reach younger generations online. Generation […]

Social Media Marketing

Insight into Gen Z Every Marketer Needs to Know

Consumers age 18-22 or Gen Z do not trust businesses to act in the best interests of society, according to “The Reckoning: Brand Relevance, Respect and the Rise of a New Generation,” a study by BBMG. BBMG and GlobeScan conducted a national survey of 2,058 consumers to better understand people’s relationship with brands and brand […]