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How to Measure Success on Social Media

The only way to know if your time and effort on social media is worthwhile is to set goals and measure success. That’s easy to understand, but deciding how to measure success on social media can be a struggle. The effort is worthwhile. Metrics let you understand the impact of your efforts, allocate resources, track […]

How to Use Social Media in Online Marketing

How Often to Post on Social Media

Here’s the #1 question I answer: “How often should I post to social media?” There’s no one right answer, but I can offer insight. First, you need to consider your goals and audience. Post zero times to places where you audience isn’t or that don’t support your goal. Quality content always beats quantity. If you […]

How to use Instagram

Instagram at 11

Instagram launched in 2010. Here are important stats for marketers to know in the platform’s 11 years: Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month (88% are outside of the US) Instagram has 140 million U.S. users Instagram is the 9th most popular Google query In terms of active users, Instagram is outranked only by Facebook, […]