The Sad Story of the Global Gender Gap

Apparently, we won’t see the workplace gender gap close in our lifetimes.  The World Economic Forum has just released the 2016 Global Gender Gap Report. More than a decade of data reveals that progress is slow and the gaps won’t close any time soon. The report quantifies the magnitude of gender disparities and tracks progress over time, with a specific focus on… Read More

Warm Up Your Thumbs: Texting Now Needed at Work

Recently, I needed to get help from someone I don’t interact with all the time. Being a solid Gen X communicator (we love emails and are very business-like about them), I sent her two very specific emails about what I needed. The deadline approached and no response. I wasn’t able to call, so I tried… Read More

How to Reach Your Audience When They’re Away from the Computer

A Marketing Sherpa Consumer Purchase Preference Survey shows that generations differ in how they like to get information when they are away from the computer. The survey compared the differences between millennials and baby boomers and found that when away from the desk, millennials are more interested in receiving email on their smartphones (53%) compared… Read More