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Is X a good platform to use for your marketing?

What About X?

X, also known as Twitter, is a social networking tool that is going through a lot of transition. Is X a platform that is important for your marketing? It depends. This network is the place where people post about breaking news. It’s a staple for media outlets, used to not only post news, but also […]

content audit

Use a Content Audit to Boost Your Content Strategy

A content audit may be the investment you need now to boost your online content strategy. How is the content on your website performing? What about that blog content? Is it moving you toward your goals? Not sure? It’s time for a content audit. What is a content audit? A content audit is a systematic […]

marketing with TikTok

Marketing with TikTok

TikTok continues to be a fast-growing platform. That alone may tempt you to add it to your marketing strategy. If your customers are Gen Z, they’re on TikTok. If you have a product that appeals to the 25 and under age group, a TikTok video marketing strategy may be worth considering. On the downside is […]