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Kingsman Technology Solutions Breaks into Government Contracting

LinkedIn Strategy


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How do you get in front of your target customer? The answer lies in knowing where they are online and what they need. Kingsman Technology Solutions realized that place was LinkedIn.  They needed a LinkedIn marketing strategy for both the owner and the business. The biggest challenge – the owner did not like using LinkedIn!

Kurtz Digital Strategy Created a Content Strategy for LinkedIn

Kurtz Digital Strategy developed a LinkedIn marketing strategy that accounted for the businesses growth goals and target clients.

The content strategy:

  • Assessed the current status against goals
  • Defined the brand and desired positioning
  • Provided keywords and messaging points
  • Addressed concerns with the platform
  • Provided training

A step-by-step guide was provided to build out the LinkedIn profile for the owner and a page for the company. Once approved, the changes were implemented for Kingsman.

A content strategy outlined what to post and how often. Tips were provided for maximizing reach and engagement.

Getting Results Is Fun!

The initial results were impressive. The owner discovered how to use LinkedIn effectively. He became more visible on the platform. Meaningful connections led to business opportunities.

“Jill was recommended to me by my small business coach/mentor. It was very clear that I had no idea what I was doing with LinkedIn which made me question its value. After working with Jill, I had a very clear understanding of why investing in my personal profile as well as the profile for my company was important. I was very impressed with the methods used to gather information and turn it into LinkedIn assets and content. I had a lot more information rolling around in my head than I thought! With that information, Jill developed an incredible strategy, executed her parts and gave me my to-do list. The result was more than I could have hoped for. I now have profiles I can be proud of and a schedule for maintaining them. I cannot recommend Jill highly enough – she is not only a LinkedIn expert, she is incredibly nice person that makes getting great results fun.” – Pete Filicetti

Telling Stories to Bring Meaningful Change

The Flight Safety Detectives Podcast Draws Audiences to Aviation Safety

Podcast Strategy

YouTube Channel Development

Social Media Strategy

Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with Flight Safety Detectives! Kurtz Digital Strategy has been instrumental in launching this aviation podcast. The audience continues to grow and the podcast is one of the most popular in its category.

Taking Off Online
KDS began the content strategy before the first episode was recorded. Topics were identified. Keywords were defined so that the podcast would connect with the right audience.

A website was established to host the episodes, background information, partner logos and more. Branded accounts were established on the social media most used by the target audience.

Content Marketing to Grow the Audience
The marketing content for each episode is written to connect with listeners and gain more.

  • Titles and descriptions are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Listing on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and more than 30 major podcast platforms
  • Social reach through posts, hashtags and strategic follows
  • Active engagement with listeners, asking for comments and acting on each one
  • Build a YouTube channel, optimized to gain subscribers

Soaring Results!
Results show a steep increase in downloads and views month over month. The list of platforms that carry the podcast continues to increase. Listeners are engaged and regularly provide insight into the topics discussed as well as recommendations for future episodes.

“Kurtz Digital Strategy has been instrumental in taking our Flight Safety Detectives podcast from an idea to a program with a strong devoted listenership and worldwide distribution. Her work has generated media interest, listener engagement and sponsorships. She continues to provide ideas to keep us moving forward. She’s a critical part of the success of our show.” – John Goglia

Reaching Organizations with a New Service

LAT Wellness Studio Gets a Running Start with Target Messaging

Website Development

Content Strategy

Event Communication

LAT Wellness Studio is well-known for personal training and exercise classes, but the plan for growth included the launch of an employee wellness offering. This new service needed to attract a new audience: business owners.

Getting the Message Right

Kurtz Digital Strategy helped LAT to define the new offering. Research into similar programs and keywords provided more clarity. The resulting messaging was used to create online and offline marketing materials that offer a clear vision and benefits.

The messaging has been applied to:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Potential client pitches
  • Onsite event materials
  • Banners and promotional materials

Serving More Clients Than Ever

Within a few months the new program was launched using a strategy developed by Kurtz Digital Strategy. Increased networking and use of online marketing quickly led to a list of prospects. The company now serves the largest number of clients to date,

“I am a master of my craft, but not of the marketing strategies that are ever evolving. With a vision and desperate need to expand and having time restrictions present, I knew I needed help. Upon sitting down for a consult, I was instantly in awe of Jill’s well-versed knowledge. I have spoken with various other marketers, but no one has ever been able to view the bigger picture clearly and INSTANTLY provide suggestions that displayed her unsurpassed wisdom.” – Laurie Andrews

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