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Online Presence Assessment

Keeping People Connected with an Evolving Brand

The O’Gorman Team Showcases Real Estate Expertise

Social Media Strategy

Email Marketing

Website Development

The O’Gorman Team has been a leader in Reston real estate for several decades. Over time, the brand has evolved to the next generation of leadership. Kurtz Digital Strategy has provided online presence advice so clients and potential clients stay connected and engaged.

Kurtz Digital Strategy Conducted an Online Presence Assessment

Knowing where to go means understanding where you are starting. The O’Gorman team had a longstanding marketing program that included online marketing. The assessment identified strengths and provided direction for new efforts.

The assessment offered specific guidance for:

  • How to evolve the brand to reflect the business
  • Brand consistency everywhere online
  • New opportunities to engage with Reston homeowners
  • Messaging
  • Where and how to post information

Kurtz Digital Strategy has provided ongoing guidance and hands on assistance as elements of the assessment and recommendations are put into practice.

A Growing Portfolio

The real estate market has its ups and downs, but The O’Gorman Team remains at the top of Reston real estate sales. The brand is highly visible and relevant to both home buyers and sellers.

“Jill Kurtz has been a pleasure to work with.  From the first point-of-contact, she took the time to get to know our business and our specific needs.  In one phone call, she was able to identify what mattered to us as people and professionals and put together a comprehensive program and approach to improve our online presence.  She saw the gaps in our existing approach immediately and had a detailed plan for how to make changes.” – Margaret O’Gorman

Zen and the Art of Online Marketing

Arranging Harmony Learned How to Arrange Online Outreach for Success

Message Development

SEO Strategies

Website Assessment

Did you know that the arrangement of items in your home or office can help you reach your goals? I had no idea, but Arranging Harmony can help you understand how Feng Shui can create positive change.

Kurtz Digital Strategy is happy to help more people find this unique business.

Kurtz Digital Strategy Completed an Online Presence Assessment

Our digital marketing services included an online presence action plan and support for implementation of the plan.

Some key elements of the online presence assessment and recommendations:

  • Messaging: A brand message was developed that speaks to the target client. The master message is used as the foundation for all marketing.
  • SEO: The marketing strategy helps the business expand the number of ranked keywords and expand visibility in more related searches.
  • Website: Recommendations were provided to refine the company website to meet current standards, increase visibility in search engines, and attract clients and potential clients.
  • Facebook and Instagram: A strategy was defined that effectively leverages organic (free) and paid strategies to boost visibility.
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn: Our approach showcases the credentials of the company principal, while a company page establishes credibility and showcases successes.

Getting More Qualified Leads

Now, Arranging Harmony has greater online visibility, a website that communicates the value to target clients, and an online presence that generates leads.

“Kurtz Digital Strategy was tremendously helpful in getting my business on the correct path of digital marketing. Jill was very attentive and took the time to listen to my business goals and needs. She not only provided a thorough online marketing assessment that listed very clear recommendations, but also an action plan for the implementation of each item. In addition to these reports, Jill took the time to go through each item step-by-step over the phone and answered any questions I had. Working with Kurtz Digital Strategy was an enjoyable experience. I could tell Jill had the best interests in mind for me and my business in each step of the assessment process.” – Amy Newton

Assessing Member Communications

The Airport Consultants Council Takes Stock of Member Engagement

Communication Audit

Email Marketing Strategy

Member Communications

Kurtz Digital Strategy conducted an assesment of member communication efforts for the Airport Consultants Council (ACC). The goal was to assess current activities and develop a strategy based on the organization’s goals, member needs and current best practices.

The Airport Consultants Council (ACC) is the global trade association that represents private businesses involved in the development and operations of airports and related facilities. ACC informs its members of new trends while promoting fair competition and procurement practices that protect the industry’s bottom line.

Kurtz Digital Strategy Conducted an Online Presence Assessment

ACC had a robust member communication program. They wanted to understand what was working and what was falling short.

The assessment reviewed the organization’s major communication components:

  • Social media
  • Public Relations
  • Newsletter emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Website

KDS researched the client’s current online communication efforts to develop an insightful, targeted online marketing strategy.

KDS turned the insights gained during the discovery phase into an actionable plan that targets ACC goals and member needs. The strategy defines the goals as well as the specific tactics to move toward them. It defines the timeline for each activity and the resources needed. Finally, the document outlines the measures of success that will enable ongoing evaluation and adjustment of the effort.

A Roadmap for Improvement

The strategy enabled ACC to continue to organize for the most effective member service and marketing. A staff role was defined to execute and coordinate efforts. Even during a time of significant economic downturn in the industry, membership has remained strong. Members value ACC as an essential part of their business success.

“Jill is fantastic! In a short time, Jill helped our organization assess our existing marketing and communications efforts and identify a number of actionable strategies to improve our outreach to members and the industry as a whole.” – T. J. Schulz

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