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Kim Frederich knows how to help small business owners to grow through increased sales. She’s in a crowded field and needed help getting found online. Expanding the Ventas Group meant expanding the number of client leads.

Kurtz Digital Strategy Created a SEO Strategy

Ventas was already present online, but not getting great results. Kurtz Digital Strategy analyzed current efforts to determine what was working and what was falling short. A competitor analysis identified practices to follow as well as opportunities.

Keyword research was used to create messaging that showcased their expertise using the language of their customers.

Our SEO support included:

  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Action plan
  • Coaching
  • Implementation support

More Effective Use of Keywords

Ventas is now able to more clearly communicate their strengths, attracting the right potential customers.

“Jill worked with me on selecting keywords to use as well as strategies to make them more effective on my website and in my content. Some fixes were super easy, but working those keywords into my writing has been trickier. I’ll keep at it because I know SEO takes time and you have to start somewhere! Her report summary was super helpful and when I’ve had further questions she was happy to answer them right away. Valuable advice and great service.” – Kim Frederich

A Cautionary Tale: Search Visibility Can Go Away!

Modern Capital Finds That Not All SEO Services Are the Same

Content Optimization

Keyword Research & Monitoring

Website Optimization

Small business owners are pitched new services that will help them all the time. The trick is to keep moving forward without disrupting any of the foundation that has served you so far.

Modern Capital learned the hard way that a new website isn’t an automatic SEO boost. In fact, it can have the opposite effect.

SEO Needs Intention

The company’s new website had lots of bells and whistles. Unfortunately, it failed to focus on the business’s key differentiator: mid-century modern real estate in the Washington DC metro area. Rankings and search traffic plummeted.

Kurtz Digital Strategy is working to restore the search presence:

  • Retooling the website to look great AND have the right content and keywords
  • Optimizing the underlying technology
  • Removing Google Search Console errors and warnings
  • Updating keyword research and aligning messaging

A Slow and Steady Rise

Modern Capital’s search rank is on the rise. The business now ranks higher for more keywords and the upward trend continues.

“I have enjoyed working with Jill and Kurtz Digital Strategy. She really has dug down deep into how improving my site’s SEO, which I never paid attention to before, could take the site to a new level. In just the first few months, I have seen an increase in site visits, pageviews and leads. I look forward to continuing to work with Jill to expand my digital presence. I highly recommend.” – Michael Shapiro

Rising Above Local and National Competition

You need to be found to earn the business

Competitor Research

Message Development

Website Optimization

Some clients have competitive pressure from both local and national brands. This is true to Maryland-based divorce attorneys Thyden Gross and Callahan. Local law forms provide similar services, and some online services promise fast and easy law services.

Kurtz Digital Strategy Implemented a SEO Strategy

Kurtz Digital Strategy researched the competition online and developed a targeted approach to ensure that TGC was seen by people in their area.

A first step was a refresh of the firm’s website to provide the content that people are looking for in a manner that matches how they search. More content is in Q&A format and uses lay language and terminology.

Our SEO implementation included:

  • Competitor monitoring
  • Website content updates to match keywords and capitalize on search trends
  • SEO optimization for all new website content
  • Quarterly metrics reports to show status and identify opportunities

Beating the Competition for Keywords that Matter

SEO efforts have driven a consistent rise in the keywords that people use when looking for divorce attorneys and other services provided by the firm. The firm’s overall visibility online has increased as well.

The average weekly leads are keeping the firm and its attorneys busy!

“We hired Jill Kurtz of Kurtz Digital Strategy to update and upgrade our law firm website. Jill delivered our new site on time and on budget. During the process, she was immediately responsive to our questions and changes. She explained things in a way we could understand. Within days of launching the new site, we received our first contact form and a new client. We are very happy with the result and we highly recommend Jill.” – James Gross

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