Clubhouse Is the Latest Online Platform

Should you be considering where Clubhouse might fit into your social media marketing efforts? The Clubhouse social platform was launched in April 2020. It has recently exited beta, taking away the invite-only restriction and making it available to all.

Clubhouse Opportunities for Marketers

Clubhouse is a social platform for real-time audio. It is too early to know if the platform will thrive once the novelty wears off, and as COVID restrictions lift and in-person conversations become viable again. However, it is interesting to consider where the app might be of value as a marketing and brand communication channel.

Clubhouse is an audio only social media app that allows users to create, host and join chatrooms and clubs (recurring rooms.) There are 2 million active users.

Opportunities for businesses include:

  • Connect with relevant people, chatrooms and clubs
  • Participate with valuable input and information
  • Share relevant stories and test ideas – make sure the conversations you are part of are interesting to everyone in the room

Clubhouse Tools

Several tools are available to support using Clubhouse for marketing. These third-party tools and apps can help you streamline and use Clubhouse for your business in ways not yet available on the app.

Below are just some of the apps available:

  • Find Clubhouse helps you find clubs to join and follow. If you have a club, you can submit it to be listed.
  • The Clubhouse Bio Builder is a rich text editor that allows you to create and write up your bio using formatted text.
  • CHpic and Border for Clubhouse: Clubring let you add a pop of color in the form of a ring around your profile photo.
  • ClubLink and Clubly are free link shorteners that allow you to generate and save links to your Clubhouse events.
  • Clubhouse DB gives you an at-a-glance view of yourself, other Clubhouse members, and a brief glimpse of the Clubs available.