Are People Talking About You?

Recommendations of friends are trusted more than any other form of brand marketing. This is true for consumers of all ages. Social proof, a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation, also factors in. Bottom line, getting people talking about you to their friends… Read More

Fight Cyberbullying

Guest Post by Katherine Clarke, Media Relations, Patient Advocacy Group According to the Megan Meier Foundation—a foundation created by Tina Meier after her 13-year-old daughter, Megan, took her own life as a result of being cyberbullied—approximately 34 percent of all school-aged kids have endured cyberbullying at some point in their lives. While many people think of this type… Read More

Search Engine Marketing Tips

You want your business to appear in searches when your target customer is looking for you or your services. You need to pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO) rules to make that happen. Like other online activities, SEO needs its own marketing strategy. You need to have a plan for ongoing activities to monitor… Read More