marketing online and offline

Taking Marketing Offline for Impact

Guest Post by Karen Wenner Cooper, Founder of Empowering Women In Real Estate When I think of all of the things I do in my life … running my businesses, managing my home, schooling with my children, education and training, self-care … nearly all of it has been impacted (and positively, I might add) by […]

Link Building for SEO

Link Building for SEO and Online Visibility

Links are among the many factors that influence your search rank. Managing links can be frustrating, especially because not every link is a “good” link. Here’s a look at link building for SEO. Why Do Links Matter to Search Engines? Links create credibility. Links to your site from credible websites signal to Google and other […]

Need a Little Inspiration?

Generating a consistent stream of interesting and insightful content online can be a grind. I’ve been feeling a little tapped out lately. The monotony of COVID restrictions, waiting for spring to arrive for good, and other factors are contributing to a sense of stagnation. I went looking for a little inspiration to reignite my work […]