LinkedIn for Marketers

Marketing Tips on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is gaining momentum. With fewer ways to build professional networks in person, professionals increasingly turn to the platform to build networks and more. For marketers, this means that more users than ever are actively engaged on LinkedIn. According to Social Media Examiner, almost 700 million people are on LinkedIn, and 45% of internet users […]

Write for Online Readers

Write for Online Readers

The rules you followed to make your print newsletter grab readers don’t work anymore. As we have transitioned to reading online, how we read and the time we are willing to give have changed. You need to change the way you present your communications to successfully compete for time and attention. You Get 10 Seconds […]

Your online presence creates a first impression

Someone Just Got an Impression of You Online

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, paying attention to your online presence is an essential part of your marketing. What impression are you creating online? Every day, your customers and potential customers are getting an impression of you online. They visit your website, see your […]