email marketing strategy

Get Your Emails Opened

The average person gets more than 120 emails each day. Wow! How do you get your email marketing message to be one that is opened and read? Structure Your Message Well Paying attention to the details will help your messages win attention. It is fine to use a tool like MailChimp or Constant Contact to […]

Employees are your best marketing asset

Your Employees Are Your Best Marketing Asset

Your employees are your greatest digital marketing asset. Everyone can share content and influence online – and that includes the people who make up your workforce. Use them! If your employees aren’t raising awareness for your business, then you’re missing out. Employees are out in the field representing your brand. That’s a powerful asset to […]

Before you spend money pay attention to organic opportunities

Before You Spend a Dime on Search Ads Focus on SEO

It’s a tempting thought. Why not just buy a Google search ad to get to the top of search results? For long term marketing results, SEO is your better investment. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) advertising are the advertisements you see at the top of these search results pages. The advertiser pays whenever someone clicks […]