Handling outstanding accounts receivables

3 Keys to Collect the Cash and Keep Your Business Profitable

Guest Post by Dee Bowden, Business Revenue Specialist Charging into the last Quarter for 2022, what plan is your business taking to collect those outstanding accounts receivables?  Here are my 3 Keys to Collect the Cash. 1st Impact/Key is to teach that business to business collections involves three components: problem solving, extending customer service, and […]

competitor analysis

Start Your Website Project with a Competitor Analysis

Before you get to the fun stuff like colors and images, your website project should start with a competitor analysis. You need to understand the market and your place in it. Researching what competitors are doing is an essential step in your business strategy. When you conduct a competitive analysis, you evaluate your competitors to […]

Writing online content

How to Write Online Content with Impact

When you decide to write a blog or other online content, the first fear is probably coming up with enough topics to write about. Truth is, writing an interesting post isn’t even half the game. Every post has to appeal to your audience AND help your online visibility. Defining your message, using keywords, structuring for […]