How to use Instagram

Instagram at 11

Instagram launched in 2010. Here are important stats for marketers to know in the platform’s 11 years: Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month (88% are outside of the US) Instagram has 140 million U.S. users Instagram is the 9th most popular Google query In terms of active users, Instagram is outranked only by Facebook, […]

Video SEO

How to Optimize Video for SEO

Videos and video content pages can be optimized for search engine visibility so they appear in the search results for target keywords. Don’t assume that posting videos on YouTube will mean they will rank better because Google owns YouTube. Video SEO comes from taking the right steps to be indexed around the right keywords. Video […]

link building

Use Google Analytics to Fix Bad Website Pages and Links

Google Analytics can be used to find bad pages and links at your website. Here are the steps to get information about these issues so you can correct them and improve the user experience at your website. Find Bad URLs and Broken Pages Behavior > Site Content > Page Title dimension, filter for “Page Not […]