Content writing, proofing and editing

Edit Your Online Content Like a Pro

Creating great content means more than writing. Every word needs to be edited and proofread before you hit publish. Writing gets all your ideas together, editing refines for impact and effectiveness, and proofing (hopefully) catches any errors before anything gets published. First, Have a Content Writing Process and Assign Roles The first step in publishing […]

Out with old marketing practies

3 Marketing Practices to Ditch

Here are three marketing practices that are no longer effective. Let them go! While you may be leaving something you are comfortable with, this makes room for new ideas. Campaign Mindset The concept of a campaign has the concept of a start and finish baked in. Real companies and real initiatives don’t work like that. […]

search engine optimization

Tips for Your Daily SEO Routine

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long term effort. To achieve good SEO and to maintain your rank requires regular attention. Here are the things you need to attend to in your daily SEO routine. Keep a Steady Stream of Fresh Content Content is important to rank. Regularly add new content and keep existing content […]