Content Marketing Trends that Matter

Relevance online is all about content. We all need great content and we need a plan to make that content visible to our target audience online. With this in mind, I offer some content marketing trends that will impact your efforts. Automate with Care The number of tools to help you automate content sharing is […]

5 Tips for Improved Search Engine Optimization

Everyone with a website has the same goal – to be found by people looking for them either specifically or in more general queries about products, services and needs. Here are five ways to improve the changes your website will be found by your target audience. First, it is important to note that some aspects […]

Promote Your Content

Publishing content isn’t enough to make an impact online. You need to work to make your content visible to your target audience. Your website is your digital home base, but event well-trafficked sites won’t reach everyone in your target. Sharing content on social media sites is one way to expand your reach. Share your posts […]