Digital Strategy Snarkfest

I have some things I just have to get off my chest. I am a little too full of digital strategist snark these days, so here goes the download. Writing well matters. Creating content for social media is more like a conversation than a formal business presentation. I get it. However, while striking the right […]

3 Ways to Personalize Your LinkedIn Expereince

LinkedIn changes all the time. It’s easy to notice features that get in our way, but there are options that can help you to improve your experience with the platform. Personalize Your Feeds You can personalize your feeds by choosing which content is relevant to you, so you don’t end up spending your time scrolling […]

Facebook Ad Options to Consider

We all know that organic reach for brands has been choked off. To reach our audience, we need to have a paid strategy. Facebook has a wide range of ad formats, targeting options, and campaign types, so you want to do some research before you dive in. Facebook Ad Types to Consider Engagement Ads on […]