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Digital Reviews Are More Powerful than Testimonials

Testimonials have become standard for just about every website. It is time to move beyond the glowing praise that clients sent to you and that you post to your site. Tap into the credibility and authenticity of online reviews. The impact of online reviews is sizeable. In fact, 90% of consumers say their purchase decisions […]

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How to Succeed with Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most effective tools for online marketing. Average open rates are better than average views across social media channels. You can control the look and feel and specify the call to action. Yet many marketers fail to invest in an effective email strategy. Common mistakes include: Lack of a tie […]

3 Tools to Spy on the Competition Online

Call it spying or marketing intelligence – if you are not paying attention to what your competitors are doing online you are missing out. What everyone else is doing is an important piece of research that needs to factor in to your successful digital marketing strategy. To help, here are three free tools that help […]