Tips to Up Your LinkedIn Game

LinkedIn may seem like the network that never changes, but features are added all the time. Here are some opportunities you should consider. Hashtags LinkedIn hashtags are a relatively new. You can use them on your summary, updates, articles, company pages. You can also can add them when commenting. Hashtags connect you to related people […]

3 Ways to Up Your Content Marketing Game

Any digital strategy involves content marketing. Standing out with your content takes planning  and effort. Here are three ways to get the most from your content marketing efforts.  As online behavior evolves, content marketing must focus more on the target audience rather than the brand. Marketers need to deeply understand the desired audience and what they expect. […]

Siri and Yelp Are BFFs and that Matters to You

There are more than a million iPhones in use today. A favorite feature is Siri, the app that lets you ask a question and get an answer read aloud. This is important to every marketer, because Siri plays favorites: she loves Yelp and Apple Maps. The Apple iPhone and Yelp have partnered to make your […]