The Secret to Business Success Lies with Your Customer Facing Employees

Guest Post By Kim Fredrich We hear a lot about how the customer is King. And how in the age of social media, we as consumers, have all the power. And yet, Comcast has the ability to completely upend our lives (because access to the Internet is essential to life, right?) simply by making us navigate […]

Your Profile Image Can Make (or Break) Referrals

Have you considered the importance of your Facebook profile photo to the process of getting referrals? As someone who regularly refers the people and businesses I am connected with on Facebook, I have a message for you: make sure your page name and profile photo makes you easy to find! When someone is on a […]

Ditch These SEO Ideas

Best practices for SEO have changed over time. So, it is not surprising that some concepts that used to be important are not so critical now. Here are several ideas that you can let go: You need a lot of pages. The quality of your content is more important than the number of pages that […]