Why You’re Not Getting Results on Social Media

Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a target audience. Yet small businesses often tell me they are not getting results on social media. I help clients work through this type of frustration all the time. Here are some common reasons businesses don’t see the results they want on social media. No Social Media […]

Tell Your Professional Story on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to tell your professional story. This is valuable in the job you are in, as it lets customers and potential customers understand your value. It is also helpful if you are looking to change jobs, as recruiters use LinkedIn heavily to look for and vet potential candidates. Your profile […]

Content rank in search

5 Reasons Your Content Doesn’t Rank in Search

Have great content that doesn’t rank well in search engines? The problem can be the content you see or the technology that works in the background of your website. Here are some thoughts to help you troubleshoot low ranking content. Search Indexing Issues that Affect Rank Your content won’t rank well if your page or […]