how to be a thought leader

How to Be a Thought Leader with LinkedIn

“Thought leader” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. You may not think of yourself as a thought leader, but as a small business owner or communicator you are. Who you are and what you do makes you a thought leader in your area of endeavor. The thought leader concept can be a […]

Twitter Marketing for Small Business

Twitter is the social platform for news and events. When news stories unfold, details often come out first on Twitter. When events take place, it’s the platform where people share takeaways. If your small business is involved with news and events at any scale or level, Twitter is a platform to use. Getting Started with […]

Relationship marketing is good business, but don't take it personally

Don’t Take Relationship Marketing Too Far

Relationship marketing works, but don’t fall into the trap of taking those relationships to a personal place. Yes, connect with your customers and prospects in a meaningful way to build a healthy business relationship. No, don’t confuse that with personal relationships. There is such thing as oversharing and TMI. Here are two examples of relationship […]