SERP Features and SEO Strategy

SERP Features and Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) have gotten more complex. They don’t just display ads at the top and about 10 organic/free results. There are now a variety of SERP features that are included on the first page of results for many searches. SERP features are heavily used, so they are a worthwhile target for your […]

value of a blog for business marketing

The Value of a Blog for Business Marketing

Blogs have been around since the mid 90’s. What is the value of a blog for business marketing? Stats indicate blogging is a business marketing tactic worthy of continued investment. Companies that blog receive more website visitors on average Companies that blog earn more links to their website A majority of consumers say they learn […]

Money and your Financial Purpose

Guest Post by Ben Offit, Offit Advisors I have often seen some of the best financial planning clients – the ones who save and invest regularly, protect their assets, care about their futures and families, and are meticulous about being on track with their finances, and struggle to transition into retirement. They have done a […]