A Story That Needs Telling

Guest Post by Marmie Edwards, APR An idea can roll around in your head for days, weeks, years before you finally decide to let it loose. To invest the time and effort to put the story to paper can take a serious commitment. That’s how my memoir evolved. Pieces of the story would arise—running the […]

Moving from Target Audience to Customer

  Every business needs to understand its target customer. The best businesses invest time and energy into developing a deep, granular understanding of that target. They move beyond “middle aged women” to “married women in their 50’s with no children living at home who live along the East Coast and have a strong interest in […]

Give Your Brand a Personality

People seek relationships with one another, and yes, with brands. Your brand’s personality is an important part of what will make people engage or ignore you. Spend time to define a personality for your brand that will resonate with your target audience and you will position yourself for social media engagement. The most successful brands […]