Content That Meets People Where They Are

The content you provide in your marketing isn’t for you. It’s for the people who you want to market to and to engage with. Never forget this critical element.

Keep in mind that the people you want to reach have different needs at different times. Align your strategy to ensure you are there for them with what they need, when they need it.

Address People at All Levels of Awareness

Not everyone has the same relationship with you, and their engagement with you will change over time.

When they are first learning about you, they are likely to pay attention to content that provides the basics of who you are and what you offer. As their understanding grows, they dig into deeper material that shows the nuances of what makes you and your brand different.

If your content marketing strategy only satisfies one aspect of the customer journey, you aren’t connecting with people at all stages. Be sure your mix speaks to newbies, people who know you, and people who love you. They are all out there.

Understand Today’s Problems and Concerns

A variety of factors influence what people care about most. Interests and issues change over time, and your content needs to stay current.

Pay attention to the questions and comments you get directly as well as comments you are seeing elsewhere. Each one indicates an interest that is likely shared across your target audience. Your ability to provide content that targets what is top-of-mind now is key to your success.