create calls to action that work

Create Calls to Action that Work

It is a best practice for your content to include calls to action. A CTA tells the reader how they can act on the content they have just seen. That gets to the engagement we all seek with our online marketing efforts.

Some calls to action fall flat. How many times have you seen “click here” or “learn more”? These overused CTAs don’t get anyone excited.

Creating the right call to action requires some thought. Here are some ideas to help you get to the right one.

The Right Call to Action for Your Content

The right CTA gets people to take the action you want. The first step in crafting the right one is to know your goal for the content. What do you want people to do?

In general, keep your call to action short. Use 3-5 words to tell someone exactly what they should do next.

Make sure it stands out on the page. Use a button that stands out on the page and with a eye-catching color.

Define the action. The first word of your call to action should be action oriented! Use a word that will make people click. Here are some great words for CTAs:

  • Call
  • Join
  • Register
  • Save
  • Start
  • Watch
  • Try
  • Subscribe

Create a sense of urgency. No one wants to miss out on a great opportunity.

  • Act Now
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Available While Supplies Last

Solve a problem. What does your target audience need your help with? Your CTA should tell them that you have what they need.

  • Get your xx fixed
  • Start creating your xx
  • Step-by-step help for xx

Want to generate sales? Make a valuable offer using language that promotes value.

  • Get 30% Off Now
  • Get Your Discount
  • Online Special

Every Piece of Content Needs a CTA

Reach your goal for every piece of content with a thoughtful, enticing call to action. Make it focused and clear. One call to action per page is usually about right.

When you tell people what you want them to do next in a way that appeals to their needs and entices them to act, you increase the chances they will do exactly what you ask.