Create Content that Sells

People today are digital first, often preferring online to other options when looking for information and making purchases. According to Gartner, on average most B2B consumers complete 90% of a purchase process before contacting a vendor.

It is critical that online marketing efforts support prospects at all stages of the sales process. In most cases your marketing isn’t driving prospects to contact your company, your marketing is the sales process.

Extract Intel from Sales Calls

The sales and customer services calls that you do get are a goldmine for marketers that want to be sure prospects get what they need online.

  • What questions do they ask?
  • What aren’t they sure about?
  • What stopped them from committing online?

In addition to what they ask, you can learn about what they value. Understanding how they respond to the person they reach helps you tailor the marketing messaging online, too.

Sales and customer service calls are an invaluable source of marketing intelligence. Be sure to have a process to capture the insights they offer.

Making Use of Customer Inputs

You’re tapped into sales and customer service calls, now what? There are many ways you can use the insights gained to enhance your online marketing.

  1. Translate questions and objections into content
  2. Create new assets to address missing pieces in your sales cycle
  3. Update existing content as needed
  4. Test new messaging in calls to determine impact
  5. Monitor data to determine the content that gains the most traction